Owner - William Martinen
William Martinen's many competitive cyclist plates

William Martinen - Owner

William Martinen,  owner of  West Side Cycle,  opened his cyclist store on Roncesvalles Ave. in April 2004 and has been faithfully  serving the community for more than  9 years.   

William is an avid athlete and cyclist who has actively competed in numerous provincial and national championships for both mountain bike races, downhill racing and cross country racing. He is committed to fitness and accomplishing goals and has crossed the finish line in all of the pro-elite level bike races which he has entered, including the pro-elite, national Master Championships.

William's hands on commitment to West Side Cycle is no different and he thoroughly enjoys the every day challenges of owning a business and providing excellent service.   He makes sure that each of his customers is treated equally and with respect,  that the sales service is top-notch and that all bike repairs are completed on time and with quality workmanship.

While William is the senior mechanic at WSC,  there are two female mechanics who work full time, during the busy March to September period.  Joining William in sales and as a bike building specialist is David who is actively involved in the local cycling and artist community. The staff at WSC are highly attentive to the needs of local community cyclists, women, families and professionals. They are known for their quality service and for servicing all levels of bike repairs. 

The hard working team at WSC enjoy living in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood where they are able to bike to work, eat at local restaurants, work out at local gyms and contribute to building their community.  They all agree that it’s an awesome cycling neighbourhood and so easy to get around on a bike!